Вот зачем в октябре разводить эту грязь в прекрасные солнечные дни? Неужели уже подготовились к "внезапному приходу зимы" ?

Just received my new toy. Daaaaam, I have no idea about it as a longboard deck, but as an art - it's glorious! I'm not even sure if I should put wheels on it


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Now i also have on my server. Does anyone need git hosting?)

Looks like I'm finally starting to do Peter Pen on a . It's really interesting how afraid I was in the beginning and how smooth it learns now

Another gorgeous traektoria training. Today I tried backwards pivot. Dam, it's scary! Come join us next time!

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There should be a global 'awareness' week for developers. For a week reduce your RAM to 2 GB, disable all cores except 2, downscale your resolution to 1366x768 and cap your internet at 1 Mbps (or less for mobile developers)...

Maybe, just maybe we will start to have less crappy, bloated software.

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We're happy to see #Plasma featured in the Croatian tech magazine VIDI. The article is in Croatian, but we assure you it's a glowing review!

Thanks to the author Kristijan Puljek for spreading the word about our software.

My wife have a student. Once she gave her a task to color animals starting from a specific letter. That time it was letter P so the girl was supposed to color a pig, a penguin, a panda, a parrot... But she skipped a parrot. My wife asked her why. The student answered she didn't color it 'cause it's not a parrot, it's a macaw!

Why the hell we still don't have a macaw emoji? As for me they are the most expressive creatures ever!

Yesterday I had a real cool meeting. I'm really happy my wife came there with me.
(www.traektoria.ru) guys are very friendly and pleasant - they give you a board to try, they teach how to ride, they show some tricks. Join us next time! Open lessons happen every Tuesday and Thursday.

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В связи с криками про бургер кинг и приватность хочу напомнить, что приложение Сбербанк Онлайн имеет полный контроль над телефоном и сливает инфу четырём иностранным компаниям


И это далеко не самый худший пример из приложух на Android.

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Instagram & Twitter don't like each other, thats why you can't see IG images in tweets.

Mastodon/Pleroma & Anfora/Fontina/Pixelfed embrace each other, thanks to federation and the fact that we are open source projects.

I think thats pretty awesome. #activitypub

@rf не знаю, зачем спрашиваю, но стримы, IT, гитара навеяли ощущение дежа вю... Тут ведь наверняка есть люди, для которых что-нибудь значит фраза "Иван и фредосрачи"?

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Интересное описание червя Stuxnet, который использовал уязвимости Windows, чтобы незаметно скопировать себя с флэшки так, что ни одна антивирусная программа ничего не заподозрила, затем, использовав украденные сертификаты Realtek и JMicron, копировал себя на другие флэш используя ложный драйвер, распространял себя по всей локальной сети, затем искал ПО от Siemens для контроля над промышленными центрифугами, копировал себя в контроллер и незаметно для специалистов выставлял неправильную скорость вращения центрифуг, что приводило к их порче, когда они обогащали уран.
Поучительная история -> habr.com/post/358930/

Now i have my own server in Frankfurt. Yet another powered by provided by . Feels quite like an achievement! After a day I finally start to understand how the calendar/addressbook/tasks work with DAV droid - needed to switch off all google/xiaomi syncs not to interfere. Now i need to set up my to work with those DAVs

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KDE developers don't only put out shiny things, but also stick with them to make them better: Version 5.13.2 enhances performance and improves stability of KDE's 5.13 Plasma desktop.


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