Вот зачем в октябре разводить эту грязь в прекрасные солнечные дни? Неужели уже подготовились к "внезапному приходу зимы" ?

Just received my new toy. Daaaaam, I have no idea about it as a longboard deck, but as an art - it's glorious! I'm not even sure if I should put wheels on it


My wife have a student. Once she gave her a task to color animals starting from a specific letter. That time it was letter P so the girl was supposed to color a pig, a penguin, a panda, a parrot... But she skipped a parrot. My wife asked her why. The student answered she didn't color it 'cause it's not a parrot, it's a macaw!

My two favorite sauces are and . So, how do you make them better? Yep, you mix 'em! ! gals are genius!

If you ever are on Koh Chang in Thailand - make sure you visit in Kae Bae! It's a gorgeous restaurant with Mexican cuisine and authentic atmosphere


Русская нода социальной сети "Мастодонт", части Fediverse - всемирной федерации социальных сетей. Зона общения, свободная от рекламы и шпионажа, теперь и в России.