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Attempted to make a symbol for The Fediverse. Something we can all stand under no matter the software in use. Is it any good? Is it shit? Let me know.

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@grainloom @ninjawedding Before Linux, ntp was one of the biggest international effort.
Time is crucial for system and communication safety.
Now that our processor are parallel we do not even have the causality guaranteed to naturally happen in your computation.
So yeah, controlling the time mean compromising a big part of the underlying system.

You're at a party. Someone is walking towards you, clearly they want to talk.

It is imperative you convey the following information to them without speaking:

1) You use UNIX-y computers.
2) You harbor the murderous tendencies of a robot in your heart.


@sptnkmmnt да меня и концепция Русского Мира пугает до усрачки. Не знаю, какое значение слова "мир" использовали авторы этой херни, но я четко слышу аллюзии на, опять же, советский политический подъёб "Нам нужен мир! И желательно, весь сразу"


Time is running out to preserve #NetNeutrality .

All those who are able need to call Congress and demand that they support Net Neutrality. Time is running out; if we can’t get a vote, the repeal will become official in April!!


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Working with very wealthy people, I now have seen first hand the cowardice. Yes being poor sucks. Trust me. I know. But when money solves every problem for you, you end up as a terrified animal unable to cope with any minor challenge, and you permanently live on the verge of a total psychic collapse, occasionally punctuated by the salve of a Disney film or some top-shelf whiskey. Then when that wears off it’s right back to the terror. This I now believe is far worse than being poor.

"Advertisers will tell you it has to be this way, but in dealing with advertisers you must remember they are professional liars."


#web #ads

Ideas for future: AP-federated version of Reddit.

Every time I see a serval I think "damn that is a serval" and it brings me joy
I love the serv


@drequivalent iunno, i kinda agree with you here.

like, i would imagine 99% of the people think they're good, and 90% think that others also would consider them good. and that includes most neo-nazis, white supremacists, 'let them starve' libertarians, as well as other bigots.

and i also think that, while expressing someone's lived experiences is a good way to persuade someone to reconsider their views, actual policy should be based on verified statistics and data, not anecdotes.

wow :o

"@koczkatamas@twitter.com I've just published a hobby project of mine: onelang.io , a new programming language / transpiler hybrid.

Write code in 11 languages at the same time! #cpp #csharp #golang #java #javascript #perl #php #python #ruby #swift #typescript"


Вообще, этот год хочется посветить разгребанию говна, которое так или иначе мешает жить вот уже 27 лет. Назовем это "год лопаты".

Хочу работать на удаленке. Не вывожу уже я этот двухчасовой маршрут до работы и такой же с работы.

Пришло время потыкать #wine. Wine сам не потыкается.