It will probably sound weird, but is there any way to send a fax on Linux?
Something like Minimodem but with fax protocol.

Уязвимость в ядре Linux, потенциально позволяющая поднять привилегии

Thiccarus, who died because his wings were not strong enough to hold up his big butt,


“Wireless Carriers Now Want to Be the Keepers of Your Website Login Data - #ATT, #Verizon, #Sprint, & #TMobile this week gave this project a formal name: #ProjectVerify…it’s is a “next generation authentication platform” that’s supposed to make passwords irrelevant, instead confirming a user’s identity using a myriad of other factors, including location data, cellular handset specs, “account tenure,” SIM card information, and more.” #Privacy

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Please insert the disk labeled

Windows XP Professional CD-ROM

into Drive A:

* Press ENTER when ready.

The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don't have it. - George Bernard Shaw #famous #quotes

@rysiek The end important thing is user freedom, and we should keep the message on freedom. That's why I end up in the user freedom / software freedom camp.

But damn, yeah people love to attack those *closer to them* more than the people farther away. A universal problem...

Seriously, Free Software vs. Open Source debate is important and all that, but if we do not recognize that these philosophies differ in details -- details which *are important*, but remain details! -- we are just letting ourselves get divided.

And that's all that's all the Microzon Facegoopple needs.

Don't feed the monster.

GnuPG признан пригодным для заверения нотариальных актов в штате Вашингтон

Russian KDE site goes live! Now Russian-speakers can keep up to date and follow everything related with KDE from

Reminder that Nintendo killed emulation of their thousands-strong NES library, some of which are unobtainable nowadays, and are only releasing 19 titles while tacking online DRM to them for a monthly subscription price

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Крупнейшая распределенная социальная сеть.