WilW discourse 

@ChrisWere Bro, that's troubling to me too. Like, i mean this whole "no celebrity allowed" mentality. Like, what exactly was the expectation here? That the celebrities wouldn't come? That's an open platform! It don't work like that! Anyone can log on. Or are they proposing background checks before making an account? That's crazy.

And shit, he was not much of a celebrity actually. There's not a lot of movies on his list. Well, he did Star Trek, nerds know him by his face. So fucking what? Or is acting somehow a forbidden profession here? My mom worked in movies, and I've seen what a bitch of a job it is.

But still I'll stay. Because I still see a potential here.
It's not the platform is the problem. It's people. Good, bad, eveything inbetween, and ultimately all the same, wherever you go. No platform will ever solve it.

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