if you're new and worried about your follower numbers, don't! mastodon is more about the community and having fun with your friends. you can drop the toxic thought process where you viewed yourself as a brand on Twitter.

Use your local and federated timelines! Talk to people if something catches your eye! Don't gamify the experience here, be considerate. Think about being part of the local & federated community instead of figuring out how to go viral. Mastodon is super fun without those habits.

@maolfunction Generally people don't like it when you try changing their habits as if you know better. Even if you do think you know better.
I can understand people who are worried about their follower count. Those people think they are capable of saying and discussing something important and they want an audience as large as possible. They want *their* community as large as possible. Which is what social media is all about - building your own community.
Calling this thought process "toxic" is extremely patronizing.

So my version is: "If you're new and worried about your follower numbers, don't! That's what fresh start feels like. They certainly will bounce back. Instead, bring your friends over here. It will be fun."

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