The Micro :pixelfed: UI is about 60% done!

Wouldn't it be awesome if this launched with federation on December 17th? #pixelfed

@dansup Do an old Apple/Jobs style presentation on PF and its clients. Record it on video, release in Peertube.

@dansup Seriously, do it. Pixelfed has full potential to be a "lifestyle gadget" of social engines.

It is not well-suited for utilitarian information. There are other engines for that, that do a betterr job. Itnsead, it is a tool for appreciation of the world and the art of photography. This is its killer feature.

@dansup And, unlike Apple, "lifestyle gadget" is not a "luxury gadget" - the cost of ownership is miniscule.
It will cost you basically nothing if you don't host.
It will cost you next to nothing if you host only for yourself
It will cost you not as much as you'd think if you host public.

That's another awesome feature.

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