lets talk about small instances (under 1000 users). Tell us about small communities you know, new upcoming interesting instances, special theme or topic instances.

tag them with #under1000

lets decentralize a little. :)

@eylul I have MastodonSocial.ru which I planned as a russian-speaking Mastodon instance.
Turns out, there's not a lot of russians in Fediverse, and everyone has found other instances, so mine didn't really take off. As of tooting this, it has only 6 accounts, may be two of them are active. The registration is open.

@drequivalent @eylul
> russian-speaking Fediverse
There are more than you think, but they spread out very effectively, because different politics in different instances

@skoll @eylul That's what I wrote. Those who are russian-speaking found other instances to make home.

@drequivalent @eylul For Portuguese speakers, masto.pt is hosted by @hugo, and masto.donte.com.br by @renatolond

On masto.pt where I am, although there are above 200 users, only a couple talk regularly, and due to immigration to western europa, I speak French from time to time.


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