Attempted to make a symbol for The Fediverse. Something we can all stand under no matter the software in use. Is it any good? Is it shit? Let me know.

@Gargron @lain

@mmn @lain @Gargron Piece-by-piece:
1) five equal nodes, each one of them interconnected with each other, forming a five-pointed star, uniting us kinda like one nation. Connections are overlayed in a way that there's no "priority" of one over the other;
2) a large circle in the background is a Earth, meaning that the whole federation is global;
3) laurels as a symbol of peace. And yes, I totally lifted if from the UN flag.

@Curator also dunno if this thing is up your park, but check it out too, I think.

Okay, nobody seems to need my Fediverse flag or even particularly like it. Time to take it off the pin and move on, I guess.
Sad, I've put work into it.

@mmn @gargron @lain @drequivalent

I like the inverted Satanism in it. No, sorry, I like this kind of efforts.

@drequivalent @mmn @lain @Gargron thought that this one is cool but heavy. Too many elements, I guess.

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