@grainloom When drug market has better, more discerning and responsible consumers than, say, food or videogames market.

@drequivalent @grainloom this is true but to get to this stage some folk lost their lives and others ended up serving very long sentences in prison (the turning points being MDMA pills with extremely high purity/dosage levels that took users by surprise, the availability of fentanyl which can be lethal even to experienced users as well as diverted pharms (normally only prescribed to senior patients with strong drugs tolerance) finding their way to younger users.

@grainloom @drequivalent what *should* happen and would also reduce risk of being drawn into other criminality is a tolerated, regulated portal for recreational drugs, so they can be sold at affordable prices but maybe with a sensible level of taxation that goes to public healthcare services; in a similar way to how alcohol and tobacco (which is far worse for you) is currently sold..

@vfrmedia @grainloom Fully agree with that.
Besides, the "recreational drug users" I know are far from the popular image of a dirty junkie bum, they are actually very conscious about what they're putting into their bodies. A lot of them do sports.

@drequivalent @grainloom also increasingly many people aren't even doing drugs "for fun" but to give them energy/focus to cope with work demands or education/learning and/or to help them sleep during nights for same reasons, so they can be more functional member of society. Its actually difficult to hold a rav or even a house party or listen to loud music now in my country without getting trouble for noise/anti social behaviour...

@vfrmedia @grainloom That's how I do weed most of the time. Cannabis Indica is the best knockout pill ever created. Nothing comes close to being both as effective and as safe as this pretty simple plant that could be dirt-cheap if not for all "drugs are bad, mkay" bullshit.

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