@grainloom When drug market has better, more discerning and responsible consumers than, say, food or videogames market.

@drequivalent @grainloom this is true but to get to this stage some folk lost their lives and others ended up serving very long sentences in prison (the turning points being MDMA pills with extremely high purity/dosage levels that took users by surprise, the availability of fentanyl which can be lethal even to experienced users as well as diverted pharms (normally only prescribed to senior patients with strong drugs tolerance) finding their way to younger users.

I think why also the prohibition fails to accomplish its supposed goals, is because it takes all the nuance and semitones out. It favors ignorance over information and draws the line in the wrong place. It is a problem when a person crosses this line by an uninformed decision. Then they start experimenting. And come to real dangerous stuff that may and will kill you dead or at least give you n addiction(opiates as a rule). And that's it for them


What also happened here with darknet trade (could be UK specific) is because its more effort (extra software, cryptocurrencies etc) but still illegal it attracted intelligent middle class kids into buying bulk purchases to the point they are classed as "dealers" (and if they even give some away or share it at near cost price under UK law that is dealing, and the penalty can go from a caution (just an official warning) to a short prison term.


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