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On people dropping out of Mastodon: You need to keep finding more people to follow in an interest based network since people will be dropping out all the time. Your relatives and friends from school don’t disappear as quickly on Facebook, nor do journalists and news outlets disappear on Twitter, but in the more interesting and interest-based communities, that’s simply how it is. You need to replenish the pool and keep finding and following more people. They’re everywhere.

@kensanata that sucks, because one of the reasons social networks exist is keeping in touch with people you know in real life. And I can't do that here. But I can do it on. But I am not doing it because I know it's a trap, and the only reason I can do it is because my IRL friends are trapped too.
It's a vicious circle.

@drequivalent I spent years on G+ with hundreds of people who shared a common interest with me and many of us were happy to have found this new community without necessarily bringing along friends and family from Facebook, for example. I think keeping in touch with friends and family on Facebook is perfectly fine. And if that's all one would like, then I guess Facebook it is. Migrating the entire family to a different network is hard.

Dr. Equivalent the Incredible @drequivalent

@kensanata well, that's where we differ I think. I am convinced that centrakized services, while may be beneficial in short term, are ruining the Internet in the long run, and as such must be dismantled.

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@youri @kensanata if the Internet is to stay free and open, then 'must'.

@drequivalent as I am currently trying to get used to a new keyboard, I can totally relate.

@drequivalent @kensanata "free" includes the possibility to prefer and use Facebook, Apple and the like.