Anyone knows, how do you theme a Mastodon instance?
Can you kick any documantation my way?

@InspectorCaracal Thank you very much.
I also remember seeing even a color scheme generator with preview of some kind a long time ago.

@drequivalent I sadly don't know anything about that one, but they added different color schemes to the base code in a version higher than the one on the instance you're using. 2.1.3 I think

@drequivalent There are basically two ways to do it.

1: Use the base mastodon CSS by making the custom.css file and including @import application; at the beginning, after the variables, and then add altered pieces of CSS to the file to override the base code.

2: Make a copy of the base mastodon CSS files in a separate folder and edit them directly, and reference that one in your theme options instead or as well as the original.

@drequivalent I have no specific knowledge, but when theming anything poorly documented I find it very useful to play around in WebInspector and try to achieve my look there.

Then once you've done that you have begun to understand how to do it for realzies.

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