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'When registering an account with #Telegram, the app helpfully uploads the entire Contacts database to Telegram's servers (optional on iOS).

This allows Telegram to build a huge social network map of all the users and how they know each other.

It is extremely difficult to remain anonymous while using Telegram because the social network of everyone you communicate with is known to them (and whomever has pwned their servers).'

more reasons why telegram is not a good choice for secure messaging:

We are happy to announce unlimited free private posts for all #Friendica users.

New year, same feature.

(nod to @lain:…)

Но блин, так-то она прикольно получилась.
Если не считать текстуры сверху (которую можно разгладить шкуркой, например), получилась прямо как заводская трехслойка. Но текстура интересная, я бы ее даже и оставил.

Народ, нужна кому? Выкинуть жалко будет.

Эх, подстава. Получившаяся накладка не совсем подходит под мое весло. Придется, видимо, вносить конструктивные изменения и перепечатывать.

I've written a GIMP plugin to put a "sticker border" around the current layer for the lazy people like me that do Telegram stickers for their SO 😋 #mastodonArt

А вообще блин, красивый паттерн вот этот вот, недоделанного первого белого слоя. Будет еще один стратокастер - надо будет сделать, и так и оставить.

software politics take 

The more I enjoy watching what's happening to them right now. They absolutely had it coming to them.

I just found out that Bethesda promised Obsidian a pay bonus for Fallout New Vegas if it reaches Metacritic score 85 or higher.
It got 84 (due to bugs because the game was only 17 months in development) but also was praised as one of the best RPGs of all time after the bugs were fixed.

Obsidian never got paid beyond their base paycheck.

Fuck Bethesda and Fuck Todd Howard to Hell.

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