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Я просто притворюсь, что я не услышал этого, и мы, не тратя времени на ставший традиционным, но не ставший от этого менее бесполезным спор о методологии науки с попыткой переломить кое-чью убежденность в убеждении, просто оба пойдем по своим делам.

Any #rustlang devs interested in porting the Mastodon streaming API from Node.js to Rust?

We would likely not be able to abandon the Node.js version completely for portability's sake, but there is no reason not to have a more performant drop-in for those who can install it.

The Node.js version consumes about 1GB of RAM for 21k connections.

TIL there exists an "iPad Pro" with up to a terabyte of storage. Apparently Apple doesn't want people to have any reason to have a laptop unless they're a developer, thus completing their segregation the computing population into "users", whose entire computing experience is controlled by one company, and "developers" who are enslaved to that company, at least if they want to reach those users.

No thanks.

Уязвимость в Libreoffice и Openoffice, позволяющая выполнить код при открытии документа

Кусок халвы 

Ленточный интерфейс в Либре выглядит не очень хорошо. Вернее, очень нехорошо, упор опять делается на ручное форматирование.

Electron is not crossplatform 

В 29 Android-приложениях для работы с камерой выявлен вредоносный код

I wonder, how well are language data and executable code separated?
Is it possible to write a lightweight replacement that would still support LanguageTool's modules?
I'd honestly like that thing as a part of DEs and/or toolkits, replacing old Hunspell, which checks only spelling, but not grammar or punctuation.

I want to install LanguageTool, but I really, REALLY don't want Java on my machine.

I wish there were some alternatives.

На будущее: жвачка неплохо растворяется в керосине.

Понятия не имею, зачем мне эта информация, но пусть будет

personal opinion on venezuela as someone living in a similarly compromised democracy 

What if you could wear a pant.
Just one.
Just one pant.
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