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Прошу прощения на отключение - апгрейдил виртуалочку. Можете постить членодевок дальше - места должно хватить.

@polychrome I don't wanna run Pleroma until they make JS optional for viewing profiles without logging in, not sure if that feature's already been finished

@crowcounter И это все? Три страницы?

Я ждал большего, но обещают продолжение!

At the time, the gesture felt so important. It felt more meaningful than any gift you’d ever given. Like there was some grand emotional gravitas about it that signified something deeper than... than what it turned out to be.

You have since concluded you were just imagining things. Ascribing symbolic meaning to gestures that they simply didn’t carry, like the dumb kid you were.

> Tactfully avoid saying anything at all about Roxy and Calliope’s weird, ambiguous relationship.

Ох, ебать кто-то ревнует.


JOHN: well, what the fuck do i know. the only illicit substance i’ve ever done is lick that STUPID trickster lollipop.

Стоп, что? Я не помню такого.


Странно, что Роуз походу живет в обычной квартире.


Роуз несколько экранных страниц пытается объяснить Джону, что если не вернуться и не убить Калиборна, все, что они далали, было за зря.

Алсо, cc @crowcounter


ROSE: There’s really no route through this expository garden path that will adequately cushion you from the bottom line, John.

ROSE: You will need to travel back into canon and defeat Lord English.

Ну, наконец-то, может сейчас его таки опиздюлят. Потому что в 6-7 актах я не видел, чтобы это произошло.

ROSE: The green sun is gone.

JOHN: what??

ROSE: It has been destroyed. At least, from the current frame of reference it has.

ROSE: It still existed, and therefore in a way that’s hard to explain, currently exists, over a nearly infinite span of time, presiding over the birth and death of countless universes.

ROSE: But this universe, our universe, is not one of them.

JOHN: you saw this in a vision?

ROSE: No. Jade told me.

JOHN: she did?

JOHN: how does she know?

ROSE: She can’t draw from its power anymore. She no longer has the ability of a First Guardian.


Черт, я знал, что уничтожение Зеленого Солнца просто так с рук не сойдет.

@rf Если кто читал Homestuck - похоже, вышел эпилог!

И еще. Хоумстаку сегодня исполнилось десять лет. Поздравляю всех причастных. Чувствуете, как с нас сыплется песок?

И что ты мне сделаешь, я в другой системе ценностей (с)

Проект VSCodium развивает полностью открытый вариант редактора Visual Studio Code

Skype is owned by Microsoft and all its calls pass through MS servers. No one knows what MS does with the data it gathers.

Jami is a free open alternative with no servers at all, calls connect directly between users. It's very easy to use, and a good privacy-friendly replacement for Skype.

Their website is at:

You can follow Jami on the Fediverse at:


The app is available for all major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.


in other news, i have been working on a funkwhale plugin for audacious that i intend to try to get included in the 3.11/4.x release cycle. it allows you to browse your library in funkwhale (and eventually, libraries shared with you), and listen to the audio via audacious.

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