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Cratering is one way we judge how old a surface is. More craters tell us the surface is older.

@bob @drequivalent the fundamentals of needing software freedom haven't changed, but the consequences of having or not having it have become more general and severe.

I cannot even leave my home because there's a huge traffic jam because of fucking snow.

@Melezh "Мой бизнес по продаже цветочных удобрений шел хорошо...
Но Аррlе подала на меня в суд.
У них уже был патент на продажу говна для нарциссов по завышенным ценам."

@drequivalent Also my suspicion is that we're going to *need* a libre hardware version of these in terms of "computing is becoming part of you more and more physically, and user freedom issues are no longer nerd rights but human rights"

Passed a booth at PyCon for the AstroHaus Freewrite, a Kickstarter-backed "distraction-free writing tool" combining a small e-ink screen with a mechanical keyboard in a fixed plastic shell for a whopping $550.

I inquired about the firmware.

"Actually it runs Debian!" said the dude.

"Oh! So I could install ssh and..."

"No," he said incredulously, "we're not going to give people root!"

TFW name-dropping one of the most freedom-focused OSes to sell a device that restricts those same freedoms.

Birdsite but do read this thread. It's freaking important.

This reeks racket. Pay us to deliver email or it will be silently dropped - no, not spam filtered just dropped. As someone who self-hosts email I can only say that letting things like that happen essentially kills email as a decentralized service.

Schools: please stop using proprietary formats that aren’t even supported by the companies that own them.

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Русская нода социальной сети "Мастодонт", части Fediverse - всемирной федерации социальных сетей. Зона общения, свободного от рекламы и шпионажа, теперь и в России.