This seems to oddly line up with what's I'm seeing at least. Disproportionate retributions against young, impressionable minds create more disproportionate responses. This positive feedback loop creates a schism that keeps widening, pushing people to very ugly extremes where the ends justify the means.

@grainloom what are your thoughts?

Lemmy — федеративный социальный новостной агрегатор

Чистый криминал комп с нелицензионной виндой, я скачал с торрента игру и цинично усугубил нарушение закона об авторских правах, посмотрев экранную копию нового фильма и скачав новый музыкальный альбом малоизвестных исполнителей..
Выводя собаку, я перешёл дорогу в неположеном месте. Машин и свидетелей не было. Меня не поймают.
Стоит ли упоминать, что собака гуляла без намордника..
Раз уж пошёл по скользкой дорожке криминала - остановиться трудно..
Цинично закурил в пяти, а не в пятнадцати метрах от остановки..
Поучаствовал в незаявленом общественном мероприятии. Мы, уголовные элементы, собрались на остановке и обсуждали качество дорог в нашем районе, а потом, не дождавшись ОМОН, уехали с места преступления на маршрутках.


Не думаю что ты умудрился пропустить ремейк, но обзор интересный.

In the past weeks, I ordered quite a few things online. Almost all shops asked for my telephone number, for most of them, entering a number was mandatory.

I used a fake number for all of them. Guess what? I still got all of my items. And if there were any problems (“sorry, there was an error in the data, so we can only send you one shirt, not the two shirts you ordered“), I got notified via email.

Anyone of you in online retail? Then, please don't ask for my number if you don't need it. :)

I have some INCREDIBLY exciting news. I’m going to be working full time on free software!

Specifically, I have been awarded an EU grant to work on, a security-through-compartmentalization-based operating system in the style of Qubes, powered and managed by Nix.

Q: How many bits of entropy is acceptable?

Linux: > 2000, historically encouraged applications to gather as much entropy as possible, even if it was unneeded and degrades performance.

*BSD: >= 256, Just enough to initialize the kernel CSPRNG.

Tor: was 128, onion v3 moved to 256.

Wi-Fi: 128-bit. WPA3 would support GCM mode with 256-bit.

Bluetooth: 8 bits.

One of the fun (no, not fun) cultural differences between US/Europe and Russia is that Russians don't use the word "please" nearly as much as the other guys.

One guideline on translating software into Russian I once read literally said this: "Drop the word 'please' when translating from English into Russian. It is not culturally accepted. You do not ask, you instruct".

That's why I think this idea for a sudo alias is hilarious, and I've just done it :)

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